Executing Your Build Using Visual Studio

Executing a build from within Visual Studio is done by two clicks.

Depending on the Visual Studio version you have, either use the IncrediBuild main menu, or the Extensions menu > IncrediBuild sub-menu.

Note: IncrediBuild Extension for Visual Studio is installed automatically during IncrediBuild installation, if you have Visual Studio on your machine during the installation.

> To execute a build using Visual Studio IDE Extension:

  • From Visual Studio 2017:
    Open the IncrediBuild menu, and click either the Build or Rebuild options:

  • From Visual Studio 2019:
    Open the Extensions menu > IncrediBuild sub-menu, and click either the Build or Rebuild options:

Your build starts to be executed by IncrediBuild, and its processes are distributed across the machines in your network that host IncrediBuild Agents. This distribution is displayed in the Build Monitor, which appears once the build starts to run: