Generating Logs

After you executed your build 3 times with IncrediBuild, we recommend that you generate the logs of these builds, and send them to us. We'll review your logs, and if we'll find ways in which the acceleration of your builds can be improved, we'll give you our recommendations and suggestions for performance optimization.

If you haven't succeeded to fully execute your build with IncrediBuild, or your tasks were not distributed across your remote Agent machines, follow the instructions on Generating Logs for Failed Builds:

Who to send the logs to?

Send your logs to one of the following:

  • If you're already in touch with one of IncrediBuild Sales Engineers/Executives, send the logs to your contact person at IncrediBuild.

  • If you're preforming the trial by your own, and you still don't have a contact person at IncrediBuild, send the logs to IncrediBuild Support at: