Executing Your Build Using Make and Other Build Tools

The /command switch enables the Make and Build Tools capability of the BuildConsole Command Line interface. This capability accelerates the build time of various Build Tools applications, by distributing build tasks that are to be executed in parallel on remote machines across the network utilizing their idle CPUs.

To execute builds with Make and other Build Tools, use the BuildConsole command and add to it the /command switch. In addition, add the multiprocessing switch that is appropriate to your Build Tool, to instruct your Tool to run a large number of tasks in parallel.

Note: The Build Tools themselves must be installed on the Initiator machine.

> To execute a build using Make and other Build Tools:

  1. In the terminal, go to the directory of the build you want to execute.

  2. In your build directory, enter:

    BuildConsole /command="<your_build_command>" <multiprocessing_switch> <number_of_processes_to_run_in_parallel>

/command - Designed to execute command lines of various Build Tools (such as Make, Scons, Ninja, Jom, MSBuild, etc) in a distributed manner, without the need to configure IncrediBuild in any other way.

Note: It is recommended to set the value of the multiprocessing switch to at least double the number of available CPU cores in your IncrediBuild Environment.

For example:

BuildConsole /command="make -j 200" /openmonitor

Note: For more information about executing your builds using Make and other Build Tools, see IncrediBuild documentation: https://incredibuild.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/IUM/pages/9404431