We're happy to learn that you're interested in trying IncrediBuild, and that you'd like to explore how it can accelerate your development processes and improve your dev > testing > integration > deployment > production cycles.

This Trial Guide for IncrediBuild Windows is designed to allow you to evaluate IncrediBuild, by providing short step-by-step instructions of all the necessary stages and actions for a successful evaluation.

If you have any question or request regarding the use of IncrediBuild, or you need an assistance in performing this trial, contact IncrediBuild Support at: support@incredibuild.com  

What is IncrediBuild?

IncrediBuild is a software solution that accelerates builds, tests, and other dev processes, by executing them in parallel across available CPU cores in your local network and the public cloud.

IncrediBuild works by providing every workstation the ability to use the idle CPU cycles of other machines on the network, as though these CPUs reside on the local workstation. This mechanism can turn every workstation into a supercomputer with hundreds of cores and gigabytes of memory, by using processing power that you already own, but normally would not be harnessed and utilized. Using IncrediBuild, the execution of highly parallel processes, such as compilations, unit testing, rendering, image processing, packaging, and homegrown compute-intense tasks, are performed much faster by using dozens or hundreds of cores instead of only the local machine resources.

IncrediBuild unique virtualization technology allows you to distribute processes to remote machines, without needing to install anything on these machines except for an IncrediBuild Agent. It then automatically brings back to your local workstation everything that was generated regarding your dev process on the remote machines. Using IncrediBuild built-in Build Monitor, you can visually keep track of your execution progress and analyze it, thus easily detect errors, bottlenecks, and any other issues that may impede the efficient and fast execution of your dev tasks.