Generating a Baseline Execution for Benchmarking

In order to evaluate the degree of acceleration IncrediBuild is providing for your dev processes, it is recommended to generate a baseline execution of a specific dev process before you start using IncrediBuild. By comparing the duration of your build without IncrediBuild to the duration it took with IncrediBuild, you can easily assess the degree of acceleration you gain by using IncrediBuild.

To receive an accurate comparison, it is important to execute the build with and without IncrediBuild in exactly the same way. This means that the Initiating machine, meaning the machine from which you will execute the build, should be the same machine when generating the baseline execution and when running the build with IncrediBuild.

Note: The Initiating machine should have SSD.  

>To generate a baseline execution for benchmarking:  

  1. Clean your selected project.

  2. Execute a full build of the selected project WITHOUT IncrediBuild on your Initiating machine.

  3. Rebuild your project twice more, in order to generate a baseline execution using the average of 3 executions.