Understanding IncrediBuild Architecture

IncrediBuild architecture consists of 3 components:

  • IncrediBuild Agent – an Agent can act in two different roles: as an Initiator and as a Helper. Each Agent can function in both roles.

    • Initiator Agent – an Initiator Agent enables to initiate from its host machine dev processes, which will be distributed across IncrediBuild Environment for a faster execution.

    • Helper Agent – a Helper Agent contributes the idle CPU resources of its host machine for the execution of dev processes, which were initiated by an Initiator Agent machine. The machine that hosts a Helper Agent doesn't need to have the source data or the execution toolset of the initiated dev process, in order to participate in its execution.

  • IncrediBuild Coordinator – the Coordinator is responsible for listing and managing all the machines that are part of IncrediBuild Environment. Every IncrediBuild Environment should include only one Coordinator, and the Coordinator can be installed on any participating machine.
    The Coordinator communicates with the Helper Agents to identify the availability of their CPU resources. When a request for resources arrives from an Initiator Agent, the Coordinator provides to the Initiator the available resources of the Helper Agents in the Environment. The Coordinator is also responsible for allocating IncrediBuild licenses to the Agents.