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When uninstalling IncrediBuild Linux, you need to separately uninstall each IncrediBuild component – Coordinator and Agents - from the machine on which the component is installed. The uninstall command is the same for all components.

The uninstall procedure removes the installed components, services, cache, build history, and all-other related material that is connected to IncrediBuild Linux. 


You need root user permissions to uninstall IncrediBuild Linux.

> To uninstall IncrediBuild Linux:

In the machine that has an installed component, open the terminal and enter:

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sudo /opt/incredibuild/management/


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Stopping incredibuild: ...

Stopping incredibuild_babysit: OK

Stopping incredibuild_helper: OK

Stopping incredibuild_server: OK

Stopping incredibuild_coordinator: OK

Stopping incredibuild_watchdog: OK

Stopping incredibuild_upgrade: OK

Stopping incredibuild_httpd: OK

Stopping incredibuild: done

Removed /etc/systemd/system/

Removed /etc/systemd/system/

For example: Uninstalling an Initiator Agent and a Helper Agent

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Installing IncrediBuild Linux:

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IncrediBuild Linux Guide:


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