Installing Additional Agents

For the purpose of this trial procedure, we recommend that in addition to the Agent you installed along with the Coordinator, you should install 7 additional Agents on 7 other machines in your network, in order to fully explore the acceleration capability of IncrediBuild.

> To install an Agent:

  1. On the machine that will host the Agent, double-click IncrediBuild Setup file.
    IncrediBuild Setup wizard appears.

  2. Follow the Setup wizard instructions and click Next until you reach the Coordinator Selection page.

  3. On the Coordinator Selection page, perform the following:

    • Select the Connect Agent to existing Coordinator option.

    • In the Network name field, enter the IP address or hostname of the Coordinator.
      Then, click Next:

      Note: You cannot install an Agent before you install a Coordinator.

  4. Continue to follow the wizard instructions until the Install complete page, where you receive the following confirmation: The selected IncrediBuild components have been successfully installed.
    Note: Once the connection to the Coordinator is established, the Coordinator automatically allocates available licenses to the installed Agent, according to the number of its cores. 

  5. Exit the Setup wizard.
    A new Agent is now installed on a remote machine.

  6. Repeat this procedure for each new Agent you want to install on a remote machine.