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IncrediBuild Cloud offers you the ability to instantly scale up to hundreds of cores for accelerating your development tasks, by combining IncrediBuild virtualization technology within cloud services. By integrating IncrediBuild with the cloud, whether as a pure cloud deployment or hybrid cloud mode, you can add additional CPU power that is needed on demand, and accelerate builds, testing, graphics, and any other slow development process you might have as part of your build.

By using IncrediBuild Cloud, you can easily use more resources during peak times and then revert to using your local infrastructure, or you can choose to have all your development done in the cloud, and gain ultimate scalability at all times. By deploying to the cloud using IncrediBuild Cloud, you can accelerate your development procedures without investing in additional local hardware or incurred additional IT management overhead, but rather use the cloud’s scalability and efficiency.

To start exploring and using IncrediBuild Cloud solution, use the following sections: