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Version Highlights

This version of IncrediBuild certifies Visual Studio version 15.7.2.

IncrediBuild’s predictive execution for optimized compilation performance certifies MSBuild version up to

IncrediBuild now supports the ability to build inside Continuous integration and Continuous delivery environments compiling Visual Studio projects in scenarios where only the Visual Studio build tools are installed on the build machines and not the Visual Studio IDE.

IncrediBuild Console Exit Code

IncrediBuild Console (BuildConsole and IBConsole commands) now exit with the exit code returned by the tool IncrediBuild executed.

Exit codes indicating IncrediBuild internal errors are now user-selectable in order to avoid clashes with build tools’ own exit codes.

Windows Core OS (Experimental)

IncrediBuild can now be used inside Windows Core OS (WCOS) as Initiator Agents. IncrediBuild Agents can be installed in a Windows Core OS and participate as Initiators. The IncrediBuild Agents operating as Helpers function inside Windows Core OS is coming soon.

Windows Docker Containers (Experimental)

IncrediBuild can now be installed and used as an Initiator inside a Windows Docker container environment. This allows IncrediBuild users to use IncrediBuild as part of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery workflows that are working with Windows Docker containers.

In scenarios where the Docker containers are constantly provisioned and de-provisioned, it is recommended to use IncrediBuild Enterprise Edition’s feature that automatically allocates a license to the IncrediBuild Agent installed inside the Docker container and automatically releases the license back to the IncrediBuild license pool once the Docker container is deleted.

Additional information about this feature can be found at the following link:

In this version of IncrediBuild, Agents installed inside a Windows Docker container can only operate as Initiators and won’t operate as Helper instances.

The IncrediBuild Agent helper functionality, when installed inside a Docker container, is coming soon.

Critical fix for Windows 10 build 17040

Already introduced in IncrediBuild version 9.22., this is a fix for a critical issue introduced in Windows 10 build 17040.

The issue was caused by a newly introduced Windows API that prevented tasks from executing on Helper machines running Windows 10 build 17040 and later.

Visual Studio

  • Users can now manually update the MSBuild version number that will be certified for IncrediBuild’s predictive execution for optimized compilation performance. For further information navigate to the following link:
  • Added the ability to reopen the IncrediBuild build monitor within Visual Studio 2017 using the Visual Studio “View” menu.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented IncrediBuild from compiling C# projects when the C++ workload wasn’t installed as part of the Visual Studio installation.
  • Fixed an issue that could have led the IncrediBuild for Visual Studio plugin to fail with ".NET Framework Initialization Error".
  • Fixed an issue that could cause IncrediBuild to fail with "c1xx: fatal error C1083: Cannot open source file: [file name]" when compiling xaml generated cpp
  • Fixed an issue that could have led IncrediBuild to fail with: “cl : Command line error D8037 : cannot create temporary il file; clean temp directory of old il files”.
  • Fixed a rare scenario that could have led IncrediBuild to mark the build’s status bar as succeeded, although the build failed.

Make and other Build Tools Solution

  • The Android NDK build tools are now fully supported as part of the IncrediBuild for Make and Other Build Tools solution. With this version of IncrediBuild, the following processes will be distributed automatically to Helper machines: arm-linux-androideabi-g++, arm-linux-androideabi-gcc, x86_64-linux-android-g++, x86_64-linux-android-gcc, aarch64-linux-android-g++ and aarch64-linux-android-gcc.
  • Certified support for Ruby version 2.4. Users can now accelerate Ruby builds by distributing Ruby compilations to remote machines using the IncrediBuild DevTools interface.
  • Certified support for the latest Xilinx compiler - arm-linux-gnueabihf-g++.exe



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