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During the installation of an Agent you need to provide the details of the Coordinator machine, in order to establish the communication between the Agent and the Coordinator. To establish a continuous communication between the Coordinator and the Agents in IncrediBuild Environment, you need to use a fixed identifier for the Coordinator machine - either an IP address or a hostname. This identifier should not change over time, or else the Agents would not be able to sustain communication with the Coordinator. 

Therefore, when selecting a machine for hosting the Coordinator, one of the following conditions needs to be met:

Note: It is recommended to identify the Coordinator machine with its hostname.  


Note: You can change the IP address or hostname of the Coordinator after the installation, using the Agent Setting dialog box. If you change the IP address or hostname of the Coordinator for one Agent, you must change it for all Agents. For more information, see the Agent Settings section. Image Added