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All settings in this table are minimum requirements unless otherwise specified.


Static IP1

1 Gbps


11 GB (any storage device) 



    • Ports - TCP Ports 2088, 2089, 9952, 9953, and 8080 should be available to be opened on the firewall in the machines, as well as in the network equipment (routers) connecting those machines. (Port numbers are flexible). 
    • Network Speed: Minimum 100 Mbps, recommended 1 Gbps or higher.
    • Location: The machines should be on same physical LAN or connected through a VPN (same LAN is recommended).
    • Coordinator: The coordinator must have a static IP or a configured DNS name. 


  • The initiator machine must use SATA or NVMe solid state storage for the source files and the output directories.
  • Another factor that influences the required storage space is the number of builds that IncrediBuild saves in the Build History database. The more builds you save, the more storage space you need. You can set this value in the Max builds to preserve in DB parameter in the Agent Settings dialog box.

Operating System


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