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Supported Versions and Build Systems


  • jom
  • ninja
  • waf
  • make
  • cmake/qmake
  • qbs - to be supported soon



Note: In order to gain the benefits of IncrediBuild acceleration, you need to set up the necessary IncrediBuild Helper Agents on the necessary machines. For more information on Agents and IncrediBuild's components please check out the IncrediBuild architecture and terminology overview. For help with setup and installation check out our Setup and Installation Guide. 

In all text fields which are not drop-down menus or predefined text fields, you can enter Qt variables and IncrediBuild will automatically translate the variables to their appropriate values.


Setting up Qt Creator to run with IncrediBuild


How to Use

Once the IncrediBuild plugin is installed, you will be able to add the "IncrediBuild for Windows" or "IncrediBuild for Linux" build steps to your Qt Creator from the Build Settings menu, which is accessed by clicking the Projects icon in Qt Creator. 
Upon adding an IncrediBuild build step, IncrediBuild will automatically detect the Build Step used in your build settings by iterating over the build steps you already defined. 
The initial build step settings will then be part of your IncrediBuild build step, so your usual build tool will still be used, but with the added benefit of IncrediBuild's build acceleration. After adding an IncrediBuild Build Step you will be asked if you would like to apply it to all configurations of your project. If you agree, the IncrediBuild step will automatically be added to all relevant build configurations. After IncrediBuild has iterated through your configurations and added itself to your  initial Build Steps, it is advised to go through your project configurations, make sure that each step is configured properly, and to disable previous steps that are now irrelevant.



IncrediBuild configuration fields table




Field name


Specify nice value


Specify nice value. Nice Value should be numeric and between -20 and 19.


Internal IncrediBuild logging level


Overrides the internal Incredibuild logging level for this build. Does not affect output or any user accessible logging. Used mainly to troubleshoot issues with the help of IncrediBuild support.


Keep Original Job Number


Setting this option to true, forces IncrediBuild to not override the -j command line switch. 
The default IncrediBuild behavior is to set a high value to the -j command line switch which controls the number of processes that the build tools executed by Qt Creator will execute in parallel (the default IncrediBuild behavior will set this value to 200).


Alternate tasks preference


Force remote


Force allow_remote tasks to remote Helpers.

IncrediBuild Linux for Qt Creator  - Download Links

Note: Please copy and extract the attached file to the QtCreator\lib\qtcreator\plugins directory.

Here are the download links for different versions of Qt Creator:

Qt Creator 4.12:

Linux IncrediBuild Qt Creator 4.11 Plugin

Qt Creator 4.11:

Linux IncrediBuild Qt Creator 4.11 Plugin

Qt Creator 4.10:

Linux IncrediBuild Qt Creator 4.10 Plugin

Qt Creator 4.9:

Linux IncrediBuild Qt Creator 4.9 Plugin

Qt Creator 4.8:

Linux IncrediBuild Qt Creator 4.8 Plugin

Qt Creator  4.7:

Linux IncrediBuild Qt Creator 4.7 Plugin

Qt Creator 4.6:

Linux IncrediBuild Qt Creator 4.6 Plugin

Qt Creator 4.5:

Linux IncrediBuild Qt Creator 4.5 Plugin

Qt Creator 4.4:

Linux IncrediBuild Qt Creator 4.4 Plugin

Qt Creator 4.3:

Linux IncrediBuild Qt Creator 4.3 Plugin

Qt Creator 4.2:

Linux IncrediBuild Qt Creator 4.2 Plugin





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