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IncrediBuild for Unit Tests

  • Performance optimization of tests distributed by .NET-based Unit Test frameworks – test tasks of .NET-based Unit Test frameworks (such as, NUnit, MSTest, VSTest, and xUnit) will be automatically distributed by the Coordinator to Helper machines that have the appropriate OS. The appropriate OS will be determined according to the OS of the Initiator machine. Only Helper machines with the same OS as the Initiator machine will receive test tasks from the Coordinator for better performance. 

IncrediBuild - Visual Studio Integration

  •  Additional viewing and configuration options for multiple Visual Studio editions – when more than one Visual Studio edition is installed on an Agent machine, all the editions will be shown in the Agent Settings dialog box, and their integration with IncrediBuild could be configured separately for each edition. 
    Note: This feature is available for Visual Studio 2017 and 2019 only.
  • IncrediBuild’s Predictive Execution feature for optimized compilation performance certifies MSBuild version up to 16.2.32702 (Visual Studio 2019). 

IncrediBuild Cloud


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