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IncrediBuild Cloud Beta

IncrediBuild Cloud offers you the ability to instantly scale up to thousands of cores for accelerating your development tasks, by combining IncrediBuild virtualization technology within the unlimited amount of resources available in the public cloud. By integrating IncrediBuild with the cloud, whether as a pure cloud deployment or a hybrid cloud mode, you can add additional CPU power that is needed on demand, and accelerate builds, testing, graphics, and any other slow development process you might have.

You can find more information on the website and in the allocated user manual section.

Contact us at to take part in the IncrediBuild Cloud Beta program

Visual Studio 2019 Support

This IncrediBuild version certifies Visual Studio 2019.
IncrediBuild in Visual Studio 2019 is available under the Extensions menu.

Official Support for Accelerating Google Stadia Builds

IncrediBuild supports out of the box acceleration for Google Stadia (also known as Project Yeti). Just build your Stadia solution from the IncrediBuild menu in Visual Studio, or use IncrediBuild Command Line Interface.

More in this Version

IncrediBuild for Unit Tests

    • The Build Monitor now shows the DLL names and test groups for the test level execution (NUnit).
    • Performance and stability improvements for NUnit2 and NUnit 3 executions.

Visual Studio Integration

    • IncrediBuild’s Predictive Execution feature for optimized compilation performance certifies MSBuild version up to 4.7.3190 (Visual Studio 2010/2012), and MSBuild version up to 16.0.452.47617 (Visual Studio 2019).
    • Solved an issue that could lead to an error message such as “Cannot find 'Debug Win32' in the build map”.

IncrediBuild Enterprise


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