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Version Highlights

IncrediBuild for Unit Test acceleration (beta)

IncrediBuild is proud to announce IncrediBuild for Unit Test acceleration (beta). IncrediBuild for Unit Test enables parallel execution of unit test processes across any number of local and remote CPU cores without the need to allocate dedicated machines. In addition, there is no need to install testing environments on each participating machine.

IncrediBuild supports the following frameworks: NUnit, MSTest, VSTest, XUnit, Google Test (Gtest), CppUTest, QTtest, CTest.

You can find more information on the website and in the allocated user manual section.

IncrediBuild for Unit Test is offered as a Beta, Contact us at to take part in the Beta program.

Tasks to only fail locally

A major change was made to the default way in which IncrediBuild executes tasks. Henceforward, tasks that are running remotely and finish with an exit code that is different than 0, will be re-executed on the local machine for additional verification.

This feature can be configured through the “AgentSettings->Initiator->Advanced->Recovery” section.

Support for .proj and .target files

IncrediBuild's BuildConsole command now supports the ability to compile Visual Studio and MSBuild .proj and .target files.

More in this Version

IncrediBuild Enterprise Edition

  • Quickly validate build correctness (beta) - Visual Studio project's build time can be further improved by additional 10%-50%.  
    Using the /quickvalidate BuildConsole flag allows IncrediBuild to introduce additional build time optimizations. Builds executed this way will not generate debug symbols, in addition, other time-consuming build flags will be omitted.
    This new feature is highly suitable for continuous builds. For more information, contact us at


  • Optimizations were made in the way Helpers are assigned to Initiators, resulting in a more efficient Helper utilization across an IncrediBuild infrastructure.

Visual Studio

  • IncrediBuild’s predictive execution for optimized compilation performance certifies MSBuild version up to (Visual Studio 2017) and MSBuild version up to 16.0.360.33175 (Visual Studio 2019)

Unreal Engine Integration

  • Fixed an issue with Unreal Engine 4 integration that could have caused an "error: non-portable path to file" warning when using Unreal Engine's cross compiler.



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