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Configuring IncrediBuild Linux for Use with Docker



IncrediBuild Linux includes its own commands for Docker. Usually the regular Docker command gets substituted with the IncrediBuild Docker command. The ideal scenario is that the Docker contains the tools and environment necessary for your build, while the actual code source exists outside of the Docker.


  • IncrediBuild Linux must be installed.
  • A valid license must be loaded.

How to Use

Instead of the following command syntax:

  • docker run [some-docker-options] image command_to_build

Use the following command syntax:

  • ib_docker run [some-docker-options] image command_to_build

Usage Example

Usual build:

  • sudo  docker run -i -t  -v /etc/passwd:/etc/passwd -v /etc/group:/etc/group -u 1000:1000 -v /home/xoreax/linux-  -w /home/xoreax/linux-  1d070b96eb09 make -j 20

With IncrediBuild Linux:

  • sudo  ./ib_docker run -i -t  -v /etc/passwd:/etc/passwd -v /etc/group:/etc/group -u 1000:1000 -v /home/xoreax/linux-  -w /home/xoreax/linux-  1d070b96eb09 ib_console make -j 80
  1. ib_docker should be run with root permissions.
  2. The -j number should be increased in comparison to regular builds. It is recommended that it will be at least double the number of the available cores.





Executing Builds:

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IncrediBuild for Linux Guide:


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