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Once the IncrediBuild Environment is set, IncrediBuild Linux enables you to automatically upgrade your current version. This automatic upgrade allows you with a few simple steps to upgrade all the connected Agents in your Environment, without needing to upgrade each Agent separately.

At the beginning of the upgrade process, the Upgrade file you receive from IncrediBuild is saved and extracted on the Coordinator machine. By default, on a regular basis all the connected Agents check with the Coordinator if a new IncrediBuild Linux version exists. Once the Agents detect that another version exists, the Agents automatically pull the new version and install it on their machines.

Upgrades are not pushed to your machines by IncrediBuild. If you want to upgrade your IncrediBuild Linux version, you need to initiate the upgrade process by obtaining the Upgrade file and running it on your Coordinator machine.

Before performing the automatic upgrade, take into consideration the following:



The upgrade of IncrediBuild Linux components must be done with root user permissions.

Depending on your IncrediBuild Linux version, follow the instructions in one of the following sections:

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Upgrading IncrediBuild Linux:

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pageUpgrading IncrediBuild Linux

IncrediBuild for Linux Guide:


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