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Version Highlights

This version of IncrediBuild addresses a critical issue introduced in Windows 10 build 17046.
The issue was caused by a newly introduced Windows API that prevented tasks from executing on Helper machines running Windows 10 build 17046 and later.

Fixed an issue where build error output messages were not sent to the console when the Predictive Execution feature was used. This issue affected continuous integration environments that only have Visual Studio Build Tools installed and not the entire IDE.

Visual Studio

Fixed an issue that could have caused IncrediBuild to unnecessarily rebuild a Visual Studio solution that uses the Clang compiler when the predictive execution optimization feature was being used (such as for Android NDK, Nintendo Switch and more).

Fixed an issue when executing concurrent IncrediBuild builds that could have led to a failure: “Cannot create file: …\DependencyCache.dat”.

Fixed a rare scenario that could have led IncrediBuild to fail with command line error D8003

Fixed an issue in which IncrediBuild marked a Visual Studio build as failed when an XCopy task returned an expected non-zero exit code.

Make and other Build Tools Solution

Added support for the cl compiler as part of the Make and other Build Tools solution

Fixed a rare error condition when using BSCMake.


IncrediBuild offers a performance enhancement switch that allows Helpers to directly access UNC paths instead of accessing the UNC paths through the Initiator host. This feature is now supported in mixed OS environments.

Fixed a problem preventing IncrediBuild from distributing tasks to Helper machines with Tencent Anti-Phishing software installed.Image Added