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IncrediBuild has numerous benefits that will drastically increase your work space productivity:

  • Accelerate process execution and diminish wait times for practically any concurrent, time-consuming execution which requires a CPU, such as compiling code, running tests, code analysis, assets creation, simulations, continuous delivery builds and more
  • If you need more processing power, you can always scale up with cloud hosted virtual machines.
  • Implementing IncrediBuild is instantaneous, requires no changes to source code, no additional hardware,and  no change to your current set-up.
  • IncrediBuild's visualization is available for any execution running with IncrediBuild. This visualization tool has many advantages for tracking historical executions, easily detecting errors and bottlenecks and much more.

In addition to the overall benefits of IncrediBuild product, there are specific benefits to the use of IncrediBuild Linux:


  • Detect anomalies during continuous integration, by comparing a known stable build with a continuous or nightly build.
  • Query IncrediBuild database as part of your CI scripts, to automatically discover "red flags", like:
    • Some tasks are taking longer than expected.
    • Too many tasks are being executed.
    • StdErr is different than a benchmark build.





Getting Started:

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IncrediBuild for Linux Guide:


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