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IncrediBuild dramatically accelerates the performance of a full range of compilation tasks and development tools, shortening development time and speeding product delivery.

IncrediBuild employs a unique distributed computing technology allowing users to easily accelerate code builds, testing and many other time consuming development tasks.

Trusted by over 100,000 users at more than 2,000 organizations, IncrediBuild is the de-facto standard for build acceleration.

IncrediBuild offers solutions for a variety of commercial and in-house tools such as Visual Studio compilation acceleration, common build tools, testing, code analysis and home grown high throughput computing.

Code builds, tests, scripts, home grown applications, and continuous delivery builds are some examples of processes IncrediBuild can speed up.

How Does IncrediBuild Work?

IncrediBuild works by providing every workstation the ability to use idle CPU's of other machines available across your local network or in the public cloud as though they reside on your local workstation, effectively transforming every workstation to become a super computer with hundreds of cores and gigs of memory. 

In this manner, highly parallel process executions such as compilations, testing, simulations and others can be executed much faster by using hundreds of cores instead of only the hosts resources. 

IncrediBuild's unique virtualization technology provides this distribution capabilities in a seamless manner, without the users needing to set up anything on the remote hosts besides installation of an IncrediBuild Agent. From a users point of view, it's as though all the distributed processes are being executed locally. 

After the initial setup of IncrediBuild on the computers within your network, processes can then be distributed and executed in parallel wherever IncrediBuild finds idle processing power available. This has no effect on processes already running on the network, and the users of each computer being used to execute processes can continue using their computers normally, and will not notice any performance changes on their computers. The computer's regular users wouldn't even be able to tell that their machine's idle CPU's are being used with IncrediBuild. 

In other words, with IncrediBuild, your current network setup can turn every workstation into a supercomputer, by using processing power that is already available, but normally would not be harnessed without IncrediBuild.

If you are a developer, tester, build manager, release manager, DevOps expert, or any other user who would benefit from faster executions and faster build times, we believe our technology would be of invaluable use to you.


IncrediBuild has numerous benefits that will drastically increase your work space productivity:

  • Accelerate process execution and diminish wait times for practically any concurrent, time-consuming execution which requires a CPU, such as compiling code, running tests, code analysis, assets creation, simulations, continuous delivery builds and more.
  • If you need more processing power, you can always scale up with cloud hosted virtual machines.
  • Implementing IncrediBuild is instantaneous, requires no changes to source code, no additional hardware, and no change to your current set-up.
  • IncrediBuild visualization tool is available for any execution running with IncrediBuild. This visualization tool has many advantages for tracking historical executions, easily detecting errors and bottlenecks and much more.


IncrediBuild is already integrated with many common development tools and platforms and can be easily extended to support many types of custom tools, either commercial or home grown. This allows using your exiting IncrediBuild infrastructure to accelerate many different executions.

IncrediBuild is most commonly used to accelerate C and C++ compilations both in popular IDEs, such as Visual Studio and more than 15 common build tools, such as Make and CMake, as well as a wide variety of other Dev tools.

Some notable IncrediBuild uses are for:





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