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Coordinator Console Utility (xgCoordConsole.exe)

The Coordinator Console utility (xgCoordConsole.exe) can be used for two purposes:

  • Generating an XML file containing information about the Agents in the IncrediBuild environment and their current status. This can be used for a variety of purposes such as real-time monitoring and generating custom statistics about your IncrediBuild environment.
  • Performing Coordinator-related maintenance tasks, such as cleaning the file cache on all connected Agents.



Coordinator Maintenance Tasks

To clear the file cache on all connected Agent machines:

  •  Run the following command:
    xgCoordConsole.exe /ResetAllFileCaches


Generating the Coordinator Status XML File

To generate an XML file with the current information:


Additional command line options include:

  • /nologo – suppresses the copyright message
  • /local – exports status of the Coordinator running on the local machine, regardless of the Coordinator specified in the Agent Settings dialog

Root Element Description

The XML file's root "CoordinatorStatus" element includes the attributes described in the following table:


Note: If both PrimaryCoordinatorOnline and BackupCoordinatorOnline are "True", this implies that the primary Coordinator is active; if PrimaryCoordinatorOnline="False" and BackupCoordinatorOnline="True", this implies that the Backup Coordinator is currently active.

Agent Element Description

The XML includes an "Agent" element for every included Agent. The following table provides a description of the attributes, which are not explained in the Coordinator Monitor section:




The Coordinator:

Children Display
pageThe Coordinator

User Manual:


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