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You can achieve an additional boost in build performance in the following ways:

  • If you see that your build is distributed to all of the Agents that are connected to the Coordinator, adding more machines to the network will probably yield a performance boost.
  • If you have several configurations that you would like to build, you can use the Batch Build dialog box to run the builds of both configurations in parallel. The Batch Build dialog box can be accessed either through the integrated menu in Visual Studio, or by right clicking a .sln file in Windows Explorer, and then selecting the “Build with IncrediBuild" option.
  • If your local machine becomes unresponsive/saturated during the build, you can go to the Agent Settings dialog box and select the “Avoid Task Execution on local machine when possible” check box. This will free up resources on the local machine and allow it to utilize more Helper Agents.
  • IncrediBuild employs caching mechanisms on many levels. These caches build over time; therefore, the more you use IncrediBuild, the better overall performance you should receive.





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