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New Features and Functionalities:

  • New Visual Studio Integration (Technical Preview)
    A technical preview of IncrediBuild new way of integrating with Visual Studio is now available.
    Configure your builds to run with IncrediBuild by using the native Visual Studio build menu options for a seamless IncrediBuild-Visual Studio integration experience:

    • Super-fast build initialization time

    • Visual Studio native textual output and error message panes

    • Seamless integration with “post-build” Visual Studio add-ons and actions (add-ons that rely on “build-finished” notification will be notified and kick-in, such as Visual Studio test explorer and code coverage add-ons)

The result – native Visual Studio experience powered by IncrediBuild process distribution technology and build visualization.

  •  IncrediBuild support for CMake Builds under Visual Studio  (Technical Preview)
    A technical preview of IncrediBuild acceleration of CMake builds under Visual Studio.
    Seamlessly accelerate CMake builds kicked-off from within Visual Studio using IncrediBuild process distribution technology.
    Enjoy IncrediBuild build visualization that transforms your CMake build textual output into an intuitive graphical build visualization.

  • IncrediBuild Docker Containerized Agents
    You can now seamlessly use IncrediBuild within Docker Containers.
    Using our pre-made IncrediBuild Docker image, available at Docker Hub  Your IncrediBuild Agents can function both as a Helper and an Initiator from within Docker Containers.

  • New Assignment Options of Agents to Build Groups via UI Settings and APIs  [IncrediBuild Enterprise] (Technical Preview)
    IncrediBuild offers enhanced ways for assigning Agents to Build Groups and managing Build Groups within your IncrediBuild Environment.
    In addition to the Coordinator Monitor, you can now assign Agents to Build Groups in several additional ways and locations:

    • Installation procedure – during the installation of an Agent, IncrediBuild Setup Wizard enables you to select the Build Group to which the Agent will be assigned upon its launch. 

    • Agent host machine – the assignment of an existing Agent to a Build Group can be performed from the Agent Settings dialog box of the Agent machine.

    • APIs – new REST APIs allow you to perform the following actions:

      • Retrieve the list of Agents in a Build Group.

      • Retrieve the details of each Agent.

      • Add Agents to a Build Group.

      • Clear a Build Group.


Additional Items: 

  • Improved performance of Visual Studio builds on large IncrediBuild Environments.

  • Improved support for super-large (>2GB) PCH files.

  • Improved detection of custom steps in Visual Studio 2019, when the “Predictive Execution” feature is enabled.

  • Improved distribution of tasks that utilize .lock files for mutual exclusion.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue in IBConsole, where a wrong error code was returned for an invoked process.

  • Fixed an issue where a build failed, when the project contained files with certain names.

  • Fixed an issue that affected the detection of precompiled header files with .gch extension.

  • Fixed an issue where IncrediBuild Build Monitor showed an exception when starting Visual Studio 2019 16.6.

  • Fixed several issues that affected the work with Threat Prevention applications.

  • Other bug fixes