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IncrediBuild can significantly speed up your Visual Studio build time by distributing the compilations and custom steps across idle resources on your network.

No need to change anything in your Visual Studio solution. Just install IncrediBuild, and execute your build from the IncrediBuild menu inside Visual Studio.

Installing a few IncrediBuild Agents on additional machines and connecting these Agents to your IncrediBuild Coordinator, will allow you to distribute your compilation tasks to the idle cores on the other machines on your network.

The main advantages of IncrediBuild for Visual Studio are:

  • Fully integrates with the Visual Studio environment.
  • Runs out of the box with no changes required to source or project files.
  • Work with the IncrediBuild menu, which has the same functionality as the Visual Studio menu (and more).
  • Harnesses idle CPU cycles of every machine that exists on the local network which has an IncrediBuild Agent installed on, or scale to the public cloud.
  • IncrediBuild's Build Monitor is offered for free to help you visualize your build process and easily detect errors, bottlenecks, resource usage and many additional features that are much much more than your usual textual output. Additional features, such as output per project build replay, build history and more, are also included.
  • Zero maintenance effort, nor new dedicated hardware is required for improved compilation time.
  • IncrediBuild can accelerate the following Visual Studio projects: C; C++; Android NDK (clang); Game Development; C# (for solutions containing many projects); and a variety of commercial and open source compilers.

For a more detailed overview on accelerating Visual Studio projects using IncrediBuild, see the detailed chapter in the Visual Studio Reference section.





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