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New Features and Functionalities: 

  • IncrediBuild for Unit Tests solution now supports Google Test (GTest) framework
    Test executables that were created in GTest framework can be parallelly executed with IncrediBuild across any number of local and remote cores, without the need to allocate dedicated machines or to install testing environments on each participating machine. 
    IncrediBuild acceleration of GTest executables starts with a Test Discovery stage, which analyzes the specified test files to detect and create a list of all tests to be run and distributed. According to this list, multiple tests are simultaneously distributed across available cores, and their results are aggregated and displayed in the terminal. Supported GTest flags can be added to IncrediBuild IBTestConsole, to enhance and customize the discovery, execution, and output format of test files.  

  • New Encrypted Communication 
    The build data that is transferred between all the components in IncrediBuild Environment can be encrypted, thus providing another layer of security to the transferred data. 

  • Improved support for Google Stadia SDK V. 1.44 and higher, which provides optimized acceleration capabilities  

  • New support for simultaneous use of multiple Visual Studio Editions 
    It is now possible to simultaneously use IncrediBuild with different Visual Studio Editions of the same version, such as Community, Professional, and Enterprise.   

  • New notification message for new Visual Studio installations 
    An Agent notification appears upon the detection of a new installed version of Visual Studio, in which IncrediBuild extension is not enabled. 

Additional Items: 

  • Improved clang-cl distribution in Visual Studio builds.  

  • Improved mechanism for offline license loading.  

  • The Build Monitor can now load files larger than 2GB. 

  • The default setting of the Restart remote process on local machine option (Agent Settings > Initiator > General) - has changed to Off. For new installations only.  

Bug Fixes: 

  • Fixed an issue in mspdbcmf (MS fast PDB converter), where the return code was not always correct. Previously, a successful build was indicated as failed.  

  • Fixed an issue in xgCoordConsole, where the WorkCPU count was not accurate. 

  • Fixed issues in TeamCity and TFS, where sometimes during builds the following errors occurred: “Specified cast is not valid” and "Object must implement IConvertible".  

  • Fixed issues (endless builds) that occurred when PCH file was larger than 2GB.